Hiccups and Snoozes


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Hello! I am on tumblr now!
check out the new stuff I did last term.

as for now i need to write my thesis paper… ):


a day to myself

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I have an instagram now. trying to catch up with the social media…

Drawn last Oct. Found while flipping through some notes. Need to go back to drawing.

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Rui xxx

we can’t avoid the social convension

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Hello there!

I realise I only posted twice for the whole of 2014.

so here are the late updates.

Earlier this term, 4 other classmates and I made a short stop motion film called ” Family Portrait” on my group mate’s funky german grandma. I was so lucky to do the grandma shot . love it so much.

family portrait_grandma03

(photo credit to Jiun)
family portrait_grandma02

final image on screen. check out the whole film on vimeo!

Then the RCA animation first years had our very first exhibition in December! The theme was soup and so i made a sculpture of unicorn soup!

and lastly for Christmas secret Santa, I was lucky to have picked one of my close friend, Josh, out of the little teapot of names. I made him a fan art of his upcoming short. 😀


2014 was quite a ride. I let go of certain things and embraced a new adventure. I still don’t know how things will eventually unfold for me. But I guess that’s life.

I have a strong feeling that 2015 will be very packed, challenging and full of turbulence.

Happy New Year to all! Have a great year ahead!


– Rui x

I am working on something new!

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TV girl

It’s been a while. London has been welcoming yet confusing.

I am working on something new, currently calling it “Nesthead & TVgirl”. This is a concept of TV girl.


Mid January

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shot49 (00047)

/editing and compositing…. x_x
I need speedddd… GOD SPEED!


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Merry Christmas! I really wish that it snows in Singapore. But if it does, it’s gonna be quite a disaster haha. Hope everyone have a great Christmas Day and a wonderful year ahead! XD

Here are some sketches I made during the day.

IMG_20121225_005346 IMG_20121225_005354 IMG_20121225_005416 IMG_20121225_005510

My Christmas Day will be spent on installing the old scanner to my desktop…

A bientôt!

Les filles

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Excusez- moi! J’étais très occupée.

So… I have truly overestimated my multitasking skills. I got to admit that it’s quite impossible to spend half a day at language center learning a new language and then, travel half way across the city again to work for the rest of the day; and on top of these, still wishing to do something about the uncompleted film, while the folks at home stress that it’s important to spend time with the family now that I have moved back home. So as imagined, things did go perfectly: I did nothing about my film…. though I managed to produce lots of storyboards at work and I managed to pass my French B1 exam ( not a beautiful score but I guess it’s not too bad for 3 months of learning)

As for now… here are camera captures of some sketches I did.

IMG_20121222_222456 IMG_20121222_222542 IMG_20121222_222649 IMG_20121222_222930 IMG_20121222_223014

more drawings to come to chase the transitional blues away!

Till the end of Nov

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My apologies for not showing up and not showing up with visuals.

I am very caught up with many things lately. In fact, I think I am more overwhelmed emotionally by the mass of things to deal with and their enormous level of difficulties than able to deal with them logically and strategically. This is making me all jumpy, and hence nothing really gets done or starts to be done. I don’t really feel like myself.

Let’s pray and hope that it will all be great and wonderful ASAP.




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late last night, while struggling through a long sequence of butterfly flying animation, I received an email telling me that my 1st Year installation work just got featured on art served, a behance curated site.

This, of course, brought back delightful memories. I am also amazed at how much my art working and I have been transformed in the recent 4 years. It’s quite a ride, I have to say. And clearly, I have much to venture and learn.


For now, I sincerely hope that everything will fold nicely in place at the end of July and I can’t wait for new adventures in August!

So many new ideas in my head waiting to be put down on paper properly and sculpted into shapes!

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so… character design and my first maquette (WIP)

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I’ve been making minor changes to my character for my thesis film since the last post ( if you noticed )

so here’s the more historically correct version

and then i tried to change the look a bit and did a Black and white version for shadows

and i figured this design is not working very well and so, here is the 90% finalized girl

and of course, I am keeping the shadow idea. I’ve also started building her a maquette 🙂 with the help from the smellbug maquette tutorial, Irene Matar’s blog and a couple of John Brown‘s video tutorial on the gnomon workshop series. these are very helpful. and please get a caliper if you planning to do a good one. I had a hard time gauging it with eyes, ruler and aluminum wires.

stage 1: armature!

stage 2: blocking with sculpey!


blocking complete! fine tuning~

this is as much as I can show for now, see you in 2 weeks 🙂