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we can’t avoid the social convension

Posted in Uncategorized by Rui on January 1, 2015

Hello there!

I realise I only posted twice for the whole of 2014.

so here are the late updates.

Earlier this term, 4 other classmates and I made a short stop motion film called ” Family Portrait” on my group mate’s funky german grandma. I was so lucky to do the grandma shot . love it so much.

family portrait_grandma03

(photo credit to Jiun)
family portrait_grandma02

final image on screen. check out the whole film on vimeo!

Then the RCA animation first years had our very first exhibition in December! The theme was soup and so i made a sculpture of unicorn soup!

and lastly for Christmas secret Santa, I was lucky to have picked one of my close friend, Josh, out of the little teapot of names. I made him a fan art of his upcoming short. 😀


2014 was quite a ride. I let go of certain things and embraced a new adventure. I still don’t know how things will eventually unfold for me. But I guess that’s life.

I have a strong feeling that 2015 will be very packed, challenging and full of turbulence.

Happy New Year to all! Have a great year ahead!


– Rui x


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