Hiccups and Snoozes

Les filles

Posted in Uncategorized by Rui on December 22, 2012

Excusez- moi! J’étais très occupée.

So… I have truly overestimated my multitasking skills. I got to admit that it’s quite impossible to spend half a day at language center learning a new language and then, travel half way across the city again to work for the rest of the day; and on top of these, still wishing to do something about the uncompleted film, while the folks at home stress that it’s important to spend time with the family now that I have moved back home. So as imagined, things did go perfectly: I did nothing about my film…. though I managed to produce lots of storyboards at work and I managed to pass my French B1 exam ( not a beautiful score but I guess it’s not too bad for 3 months of learning)

As for now… here are camera captures of some sketches I did.

IMG_20121222_222456 IMG_20121222_222542 IMG_20121222_222649 IMG_20121222_222930 IMG_20121222_223014

more drawings to come to chase the transitional blues away!


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