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Effulgence on Yahoo! Singapore

Posted in fyp, talks by Rui on May 3, 2012

The trailer of Effulgence is featured on Yahoo! Singapore. click here of the link 

Never have I thought that I would be featured anywhere on the internet so soon ( i’ve secretly hoped that sth like this would only come in like a few years, but wow! this! :D). This indeed is very flattering! Many thanks to Deborah from Yahoo! who has approached me and given me this chance to showcase it.

With all the motivation, GOGOGO! RF 🙂

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Posted in fyp by Rui on May 1, 2012

Everything’s turning out pretty well. the production process is tedious and laborious but extremely rewarding. Along the way, some people told me that it’s not going to be done, even in the crit session yesterday, it was still much in doubt.

So here, I am telling everyone that IT WILL BE FINISHED POLISHED TO THE BEST QUALITY THAT I CAN GIVE IT. so I predict that the end product will be good. Let’s get this done!!! My first completed film coming July 2012.