Hiccups and Snoozes

weddings of the black widow

Posted in sketches by Rui on October 24, 2011

had a sketching break while storyboarding my film. I am definitely not a good storyboard artist. grumbling aside, this is the first concept sketch for a new story that i might want to work on later. hope you all like it. ok. back to storyboarding. it’s so painfulllllllll…… arggghhhh…..




Posted in fyp by Rui on October 17, 2011

while pulling an all nighter storyboarding, i decided to pay a visit to the blog.

finally, guys, the butterfly design. no more place holders! (inspired by stained glass art) may it sparkle when light shines through~

why am i always behind schedule?! raaahhhh

see ya~