Hiccups and Snoozes

film analysis

Posted in drawing, Uncategorized, works by Rui on May 27, 2011

Had a week of film analysis and storyboarding class with Hans. Here are 2 pages of storyboard analysis i did for a short sequence in Girl With Pearl Earring.

I did some character design sketches as well. Probably upload them later after i have clean them up.

Good night!


Summer Break!

Posted in drawing, talks by Rui on May 20, 2011

SO sorry guys, I haven’t been doing much this week. cos it’s the beginning of the summer break~~~ as you can see, I went shopping today~ and bought …..art materials =.= and a new bag 🙂 and hence. i forget to draw my old bag in D: but oh well haha…

see ya~

the follow up on last post

Posted in fyp, ideas by Rui on May 13, 2011

so I am done with Year 3, moving on to my final year. Point of self reflection – I am not very happy with what I did in School is year, I am not being harsh. But i think a lesson is learned. Note to self: NO MORE OVERLOADING E-V-E-R! ( if you didn’t know, I took 7 courses for each semester of the past year.) Now I am thinking it might not be worth it. but oh well, what has been done, has been done.

-end of emo-ing-

so i had my FYP pitching on wednesday, I think it went well… or maybe ok… here are some more development i made.


I’ve changed 70% of the idea over the past week.

it is still subjected to change. ’cause I am still not happy with it. yap.

the DESIGN –

as you have noticed, there is a sudden change to my character design – from the chinese calligraphy feel to paper cut.


1. I got bored by how it looked, felt it’s too generic, the look and the style.

2. i saw something better

So i want to have a mix of Brittney Lee‘s paper cuts, the traditional chinese paper cuts, and the elements of Alberto Cerriteno‘s illustrations
and this is what i have so far.
and some concept art~
based on the story before i changed it, was about girl finding a piece of sky in a giant morphing city with the same gist. but she is got so lost in the massive city. had to change the story to show more of her close ups. maybe i will find a balance some how.
the new mood concept. still working on them.  😀
maybe i need to stare closer to my main inspiration and find the true magic that first attracted me.
RF, please work some magic this summer!
i aim to update this place 2 times a week with great visuals from myself!
HAHA ciao~

not blog dead yet!

Posted in fyp, sketches by Rui on May 6, 2011

Hi! I AM BACK DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND! HAHAHA well… actually only a couple of friends asked. so here I am posting some sketches i made for my FYP film. most of what you see here will not be used for the pitch which is next week. OH DEAR. now panic and freak out!

pose drawings for my little girl 4 weeks ago ? or was it 5?

i changed the features a bit, researching on style variations as well

and some more poses

and then, she had a “face lift”.

 I am trying to achieve a look that’s something like a mixture of Brittney Lee’s beautiful layered cut out illustrations ( her blog link is somewhere in the links on the right), a little bit of matisse  and the flat intricate chinese paper cut out.

some stuff that i am still working on. still trying to figure out the right features and the bodies are not complete yet.

Tell me which one you like better and if possible why. All suggestions are welcomed.

and no it’s not going to be a cut out animation even though I love stop motion, ’cause 2D is the religion. LOL

More details in the next post! (No, it will not take eons. next week after all my submissions. I. Promise.)