Hiccups and Snoozes


Posted in animation, in classroom, stop motion, talks, works by Rui on April 16, 2011

Greetings friends! I realised that I have been MISSING IN ACTION for quite a while, so here’s a quick update from me.

i finally “finished” up the second test shot for Drift, the sand animation that I am working on in Ishu Patel’s class. so here it is.

if you noticed, there are images of parts of a plastic spoon jumping around at the side of 3 of the frames. It’s a careless mistake on my part and i only realised it after i uploaded the video. i will remove them on photoshop next time.

I think I am getting better with the sand. Will be doing a 3rd shot after the coming 2 weeks.

On a happier note, as some of you might already know, I have been accepted into the Gobelins Summer School 2011 earlier this month and I have just confirmed my placement. So I am going to Paris in July!!! 😀 😀 😀 But my knowledge of the place is very limited, looking at the map of Paris on google earth isn’t helping much. my major issue is : CAN I SURVIVE IN PARIS WITHOUT KNOWING FRENCH? haha. beside this worry, I am realllllyyy excited about the trip. Anyone going too? drop me a comment or something 😀

I promise to scan my drawings and post them next time and make it a habit.

see ya~