Hiccups and Snoozes

O- La la~

Posted in drawing, fyp, ideas, illustration by Rui on March 24, 2011

first and second round of character design crit with Hans Bacher have been productive. I still have to “simplify” / stylize my character more ’cause i tend to add too much details.

round one:

it starts with some girl i drew on the bus ’cause she reminded me of the little girl in Fan Ho’s work. And then come the first inspiring design marked with the X.

some developments made for the second crit:

I guess I was too obsessed by the idea to draw something pretty. she doesn’t look like she’s designed for… animating.

Oh well, here’s something i made for fun. how I envision her clothes to be.

tried it out with existing fabric prints found on google.  Should be more of a patched work, i hope to come up with my own design someday.   And maybe i would do it like Camila do Rosário ‘s work here

Isn’t it just beautiful?

Also, i’ve found my inspiration for my cityscape design for the film.

here are some of Amy Casey‘s work. i hope to achieve something like this for the final look. 

It has both the surreal and claustrophobic aspects that I was looking for. HOW I WISH I DID THESE BEAUTIFUL STUFF! OH MAN. but it’s  a great place to start on environment design. 😀 oh yay~ GO RF!




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