Hiccups and Snoozes


Posted in talks by Rui on February 12, 2011

Figured that I should update a bit. So, a few things here

#1. Not because it’s really important but just that I happen to came across this while waiting for wordpress to load.

I might be doing something for this. Sounds really interesting

#2. If you have been here rather often, you will realise that I am constantly updating the links on the right side. Currently I am just dumping all the links into 2 main categories. I’ll continue to do so until i find an awesome way to sort them. I don’t really like the lots-of-headings-with-few-links thing, neither do I like what it is now… ’cause it will get painful for me and everyone else to find something when i updated ALL THE LINKS. YES! I still have A LOT OF BOOKMARKS SAVED here and there and everywhere. AREN’T YOU HAPPY? I am going to share my entire stalking list. 😀

So today, I just updated some of the youtube channels that I subscribe to. There are still quite a lot of sites to go.

#3. I don’t post often here. Because (if you haven’t read the About Page) It’s a place where I keep my art works, NOT my daily thoughts, events, recollections and rants. AND I keep my findings on MY TUMBLR where I go almost everyday. So, if you are interested in what i watch, what i read, what interests me, FOLLOW ME ON TUMBLR. 😀 -> http://sippingmymocha.tumblr.com/ ( I linked it twice in this post, in case you missed it already.) I need FOLLOWERS. 😀

Hence, this is going to be one of the few updates where i don’t mention my works.

Will update again soon . with work.


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