Hiccups and Snoozes


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Hello! I am on tumblr now!
check out the new stuff I did last term.

as for now i need to write my thesis paper… ):


a day to myself

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I have an instagram now. trying to catch up with the social media…

Drawn last Oct. Found while flipping through some notes. Need to go back to drawing.

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Rui xxx

we can’t avoid the social convension

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Hello there!

I realise I only posted twice for the whole of 2014.

so here are the late updates.

Earlier this term, 4 other classmates and I made a short stop motion film called ” Family Portrait” on my group mate’s funky german grandma. I was so lucky to do the grandma shot . love it so much.

family portrait_grandma03

(photo credit to Jiun)
family portrait_grandma02

final image on screen. check out the whole film on vimeo!

Then the RCA animation first years had our very first exhibition in December! The theme was soup and so i made a sculpture of unicorn soup!

and lastly for Christmas secret Santa, I was lucky to have picked one of my close friend, Josh, out of the little teapot of names. I made him a fan art of his upcoming short. 😀


2014 was quite a ride. I let go of certain things and embraced a new adventure. I still don’t know how things will eventually unfold for me. But I guess that’s life.

I have a strong feeling that 2015 will be very packed, challenging and full of turbulence.

Happy New Year to all! Have a great year ahead!


– Rui x

I am working on something new!

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TV girl

It’s been a while. London has been welcoming yet confusing.

I am working on something new, currently calling it “Nesthead & TVgirl”. This is a concept of TV girl.


boo! Hello

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Kumar ngaiKin WaiLing PuiYin YangJun Sharon

IT’S BEEN 5 MONTHS! I did almost 20 quick caricatures for Library@Chinatown ( National Library Board Singapore) in March, here are some of the ones i had fun doing. I think it’s not a bad attempt for a first timer. hahaha 😀

Till next time! (I.need.better.blogging.and.drawing.habits.)


we live in the retrospects

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Here is an assemblage of some 2-5 min gesture drawings I did over the past year. I did not draw that much… I am trying to draw more, but most of the time, I just ended up watching more movies.

The greatest gift bestowed upon me while living in a temperate country is the acute awareness of the passage of time. It’s like a form of memento mori. I was enjoying the beauty of autumn, then it transcended into winter. The change is evidential, you literally feel it in your fingertips… Does it help me to quit procrastination? Not really, I just shorten its duration nowadays.

How was my 2013? It was a stormy year. … let’s say if I could turn back time and make changes to any year in my life, I would probably delete and restart 2006 or 2007 or both, so… 2013 isn’t that disastrous but it is certainly not one of the best years in my life. In the hope of my future and the pursuit of a dream, I am coping… I don’t know how future will unfold for me, but I do know that whatever happens, 2013 is, undoubtedly, a very important year in my life, no matter how shitty it has been.

How’s your 2013?

If it hasn’t been all that good, I hope 2014 will be kinder; if it was great, I hope 2014 will be even more wonderful. May you have many great adventures!



off the sketchbook – the ladies

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So I bought a Sketchbook and captured some drawings with the help of my portable scanner! What a wonderful product at affordable price!

Until next time!



nine months and some days

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I went on a blog hibernation for such a long time that random car advertisements and stuff started to appear on my comments sections, hmmm… I don’t even drive…

Over the last 9 months and some extra days, I was totally depressed, I felt and still feeling beaten and incompetent. I don’t know how to explain this. People are nice, and gave me tons of advices, ranging from practical ones, to spiritual ones and even to religious ones… and like someone said ” all advices are autobiographical”, I don’t want to be mean to people who tried to help, so this topic ends here. I need to learn to survive this on my own…

So, nothing much has happened except that I lived across 2 continents ( now I am accustomed to neither. great!), started learning and picking up something that I am absolutely talentless at, holding an indefinite halt to my film and art making ( I am really ashamed of this), because there are so much unnecessary little nuisance to deal with on a daily basis. On retrospect, I was more sheltered than imagined.

As of today, I am going to cheat with some touristic photos of the city that i am trying very hard to re-adapt to. let’s hope that I will start drawing soon.








A très vite! 🙂


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Mid January

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shot49 (00047)

/editing and compositing…. x_x
I need speedddd… GOD SPEED!


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Merry Christmas! I really wish that it snows in Singapore. But if it does, it’s gonna be quite a disaster haha. Hope everyone have a great Christmas Day and a wonderful year ahead! XD

Here are some sketches I made during the day.

IMG_20121225_005346 IMG_20121225_005354 IMG_20121225_005416 IMG_20121225_005510

My Christmas Day will be spent on installing the old scanner to my desktop…

A bientôt!